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Advisory Boards

Growing any company is a team sport. We lead and participate in various advisory processes with our clients. As consultants, we meet one on one on a regular basis to push important conversations forward. For executive teams, we offer bespoke audits to help teams focus on the goals that matter. In addition, we both manage and participate in various technology-oriented corporate advisory boards.

Sean Irvine,
P.Eng., CLP

We are interested in helping entrepreneurs who want to exit their companies in 3 to 5 years. We would like to work with executive teams trying to maximize value to shareholders through a tight alignment with exit planning. We bring years of experience and access to working tools that will be useful on the journey. If you fit that description, please introduce yourself.

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M&A Services

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a common pathway to growth. We help clients to identify prospects and to negotiate win-win results. Buy-side or sell-side, we work with a network of amazing advisors who can provide turnkey service or help with everything from formal business valuations, to monitoring transaction comparables.

Sell-Side Transactions

Your expertise is in managing and operating your business. Ours is developing and executing an exit strategy that guides you to an outcome that exceeds your expectations. The best way to sell your business is to stay focused on running it and increasing value while we manage the sale process. We specialize in structuring M&A deals that meaningfully change the course of Canadian mid-market companies. Our M&A Sell-Side Advisory team guides business owners through the sale process for transactions up to $500M.

Our approach

Exit your business with confidence.  We've built and refined a technology-driven, bespoke process to guide private, owner-operated businesses through the complexities of a sale and conclude a transaction at a compelling value on favourable terms. We focus on critical questions to help you prepare for an exit, understand the potential risks and rewards, and navigate selling your business for maximum value to international strategics or leading private equity firms. From developing a strategic exit plan and preparing the marketing materials to conducting due diligence on approved potential buyers, we support you during this critical stage of your business lifecycle.

Buy-Side Transactions (as a service)

Our Corporate Development as a Service offering is a specialized buy-side advisory service. We partner with sophisticated acquirers with experienced corporate development teams who are making and digesting multiple acquisitions per year in fragmented markets around the globe.

Our CDaaS team supercharges our clients’ existing target identification and outbound outreach capabilities, executing on those two key top-of-funnel functions with a combination of conventional, one-on-one outreach, and next-generation proprietary technology, machine learning models, processes and workflows.

The outcome is a consistent and predictable pipeline of highly qualified deals, which allows corporate development leaders to focus on negotiating and closing more deals.

Our approach

Phase 1: Operationalize M&A Strategy
We learn about our client’s preferences and propositions for sellers, prepare marketing collateral and develop our outreach plan.

Phase 2: Identify & Curate Targets
We map out the universe of potential targets and curate a list of targets subject to our client’s input and approval.

Phase 3: Outreach & Client-target Introduction
We connect with targets via an initial call, then qualifying and warm introductions to our clients’ preferred potential acquisitions.

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Access to Capital

Equity Financing

Are you looking to realize the untapped potential with the right expertise and capital? Are you looking at a partial or complete exit as part of your retirement or succession planning? Have you encountered insolvency, restructuring, or a refinancing situation? We’re here to help with a radically different approach to private equity. 

We are entrepreneurs first. Motivated by the journey of building businesses, we believe private equity is about investing in people, not only companies. As a result, trust and partnership are at the center of the relationship. Our willingness to ‘roll up our sleeves’ sets us apart. We work with owners to accelerate their growth trajectory through every stage of business, leaving a lasting legacy.

Our approach

We examine whether we can add value to existing operations and take an active ownership role. Then, after analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your company, our goal is to formulate a strategy centered around the best outcome for you and your business. We are patient investors and intend to create long-term value for all shareholders. The by-product of our investment and operating strategy is great returns, staying true to the core culture you've built, and continuing the legacy and existing success that's brought you to this point.

What we look for

  • Revenues
  • Profitability
    EBITDA between $2M and $10M.
  • Sectors of Interest
    B2B sectors with low CAPEX requirements (service, manufacturing, distribution, technology, etc.).
  • Ownership/Management
    Owners who would welcome the right partner and, for those retiring, a strong management team.

Debt Financing

What we look for

  • Revenues
    Annual revenues of $3M or greater, with growth above the sector average, or high-margin MRR of at least $150 thousand. Recurring, repeating, or long-term contract-based revenue models with low customer churn.
  • High visibility into cash flows
    Exceptional forecasting with deep insights into the future of the business and its cash flow. If cash flow is negative, there should be recurring or repeatable revenues to support working capital burn.
  • Sector
    Sector-agnostic, but excluding mining, life sciences, and oil & gas extractions.
  • Enterprise value
    Business value in an M&A context can be readily substantiated. An equity sponsor is not required.
  • Management
    Strong operators with ‘skin in the game’. Proven entrepreneurs with a strong understanding of their business.
  • Location
    Must have a headquarters in Canada.
  • Use of funds
    Generally for growth (acquisitions, working capital, etc.), dividend recapitalizations, or specialty finance situations.

Typical terms

  • Loan size
    $1M to $15M hold (will syndicate up to $50M).
  • Term
    12 to 48 months.
  • Returns
    Interest rate >10%; Upside: warrants, equity kickers, or bonuses.
  • Security ranking
    First position, or second position behind a line of credit/bank debt.
  • Disbursements
    Flexible: capital can be made available on closing, or in multiple tranches tied to growth milestones.
  • Principal repayment
    Tailored to growth strategy, e.g. deferral of principal payments for up to length of term, large bullet payment at end of term, seasonality adjustments.

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Professional Accounting Services

Nabeel Remtulla
Imran Jiwa
Our professional accounting (CPA) associates are independent contractors we trust. If you need a fractional CFO, please let us help with tax filing, tax planning, estate planning, and formal business valuations. Our financial experts are also available to engage in strategic planning and analysis.

Growth Planning & Forecasts

Sean Irvine,
P.Eng., CLP

My friend Peter Jennings who invented the spreadsheet once said, they will change the world, and he was right. Our ability to forecast just about anything was improved dramatically by this invention.  Many of us have graduated from the basic spreadsheet and currently use an array of working tools to develop financial scenarios and compare them to actual accounting information.  

Sean has over 30 years of experience overseeing professional accounting staff and reviewing financial forecasts in large and small organizations. Today he facilitates strategic management conversations for clients using financial analysis and activity-based costing as guideposts.  Computer-based forecasting tools simply help clients to make better choices.                                                                                                     

Mojo Ventures Investment Fund

Where we play ...

Fund Raising & Investment Due Diligence

We are experienced investors and help firms with pitch decks, fundraising, due diligence, cap tables, advisory boards, investor relations, exit planning, and negotiation.  We make two or three investments per year and like to invest where we can add value.  

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