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Intellectual Asset Co-pilot

We deliver virtual intellectual asset management services. We specialize in helping executives to challenge their strategic thinking. We are specialists in patent search, patent drafting, and intellectual asset management (IP +), and licensing. Our virtual project management (VPM) services deliver winning results.

Idea Capture & Inventor Liaison Service

Working with researchers and inventors is usually time-consuming. We deliver contract coaching support to executives building serious patent portfolios. Our coaching for researchers and technical teams can better identify and capture your intellectual assets. Our coaching brings over 30 years of intellectual asset management, new product development, and technology commercialization expertise to the table. For firms looking to structure new management practices or to access our network of experts and qualified project managers, please reach out to us for a conversation.

We partner with a Patent Pulse and train client researchers and inventors to examine patent data using proper analytical tools. Depending on free patent search services is generally not advised. World wide data sets, solid analytical and reporting tools, alerts, and saved searches allow invention teams to focus much more quickly on meaningful invention targets and freedom to operate. Other similar platforms generally cost over $5,000 USD per year. Patent Pulse comes in at $800 USD per year. We recommend it as the best value for money platform in its category.

Patent Drafting Service

Patent agents and attorneys are a necessary part of any team aiming to build a serious patent portfolio. Finding suitable subject matter experts is an important test of any agent you work with. Having them in the same city is not. From a cost perspective, you should shop around and look for value for money. Today, the American Bar Association reports that the average cost of a single US patent filing exceeds $20,000 USD.

Typical Prices:
  • US provisional filings  = $2,000 USD *
  • US full filings             = $4,000 to $8,000 USD *

(* plus govt. fees)

All patent drafting quotes start with a conversation about our team and technical expertise. We cover most technologies but not medicinal chemistry.

Our patent drafting manager is in California. Mr. Eisenberg is an independent U.S. Patent & Trademark Office licensed patent attorney and specialist in intellectual property law. Mr. Eisenberg holds a law degree from the UCLA School of Law, a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Physics from the UCLA School of Medicine, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from UCLA. Mr. Eisenberg is registered to practice in patent cases in all 50 states and territories of the United States and is a member of the State Bar of California.

Brand Management Service 

Our brand management work specializes on intellectual assets and digital marketing. We support CMO's and marketing leaders to manage brands effectively. Our creative team can help with brand discovery, brand protection, and digital marketing.

Brand Discovery & Protection

We provide advice and project management service for selecting and managing domain names, trade names, trademarks.

We help with research, selection, policing, and enforcement issues. From company names to logo's, we can help you get the most out of these assets. Our legal associates file trademarks with U.S. Trademark Office, or handle international filings.

Digital Marketing 

We provide advice and project management service for digital marketing.

Our digital marketing team is based in Colorado are we are confident we can make a difference. In fact, we guarantee our SEO work.

Design Protection Service

We provide advice and project management service for selecting and managing design related assets.

There is a broad array of intellectual property available for designers of different types. Design patents in the USA are known as Industrial designs in Canada. Mask Works in the USA are known as Integrated Circuit Topographies in Canada. Plant varieties can have design protection ranging from US plant patents to plant breeders rights in Canada.

Copyright Service

Copyright management is important because all companies need to carefully manage the creations of their staff, contractors, and suppliers. Proper assignments of copyright is a fundamental starting point in some industries such as software development.

Know-How Service

Proprietary know-how is not about LEAN or other industry best practices. By definition, these things are industry standards and common across many industries so they do not create effective moats or barriers to entry by themselves. On the other hand, many industrial practices are public broadly disseminated. This often comes from special expertise that supports unique offerings in your chosen marketplace.

Trade Secret Service

Trade secret management is actual secrets. They can be technical in nature such as a secret catalyst, or a secret manufacturing process. They can also be business-related such as customer lists, bid proposals and so forth.

Licensing Service

Our legal services team can help.


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