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Sean Irvine, P. Eng. CLP
Managing Director

Sean Irvine is the managing director at Mojo Ventures where he oversees consulting operations and investment due diligence. He helps executives to build effective competitive strategies and operational plans. To support this work the company performs best-value for money analysis to select an expert network of legal advisors, digital marketing advisors, financial advisors, and intellectual property professionals.

Over 35 years, he has owned and operated an advertising firm, a real estate business, a management consulting practice, and a small investment fund. Sean can be found helping innovators to find their sweet spot and deliver winning value propositions, or chairing business advisory board meetings. From the business model canvas to the growth navigator, he uses coaching and an array of simple tools to streamline decision-making. Finally, as an Executive in Residence at the Foresight Cleantech Accelerator, he supports “green tech” entrepreneurship across Canada.

As an academic for over 18 years, Sean taught at the University of British Columbia. He taught MBA students Intellectual property & Business Strategy, and in the Master of Engineering Management Program, he taught Intellectual Property & Technology Commercialization.

As a public servant, Sean held various federal government management roles ranging from delivering due diligence for $100 million fed-prov infrastructure investments such as the BC Cancer Agency building or the Michael Smith building at UBC, to Ministerial briefings on cross-border tax policy. He served at the Canadian Patent Office where he issued over a thousand Canadian patents, spent a decade at Industry Canada investing in western Canada's life sciences industries, and then spent half a decade at Fisheries and Oceans Canada investing in sustainable aquaculture.  From political briefing books to management accountability frameworks and province-wide stakeholder communications, he has been there.

As an engineer in his early career, he managed complex construction projects in the field such as the installation of the first underground municipal services in Iqaluit under permafrost conditions. Since then he has worked on many technology development efforts ranging from managing technology roadmaps to managing a software development team.

Sean is a skilled negotiator having led labor negotiations, real estate transactions, technology transfer transactions, and more. He is a skilled communicator having delivered investment pitch decks and industry-wide community engagements. Sean has crafted and delivered many sales and marketing messages over four decades. Storytelling is in his DNA.

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